Reading Warrior Day

Last Friday was easily one of the best days I’ve ever experienced in my twelve years as an educator. My alter ego “Reading Warrior” made an appearance to inspire a love of books and the written word.  My scholars had a blast during the lesson and we had some deep, meaningful conversation about our special school superpowers.  We listened to “Superhero” by The Script as our springboard.  It was epic. Here are a few photos I took. Enjoy! 

Reading Warrior Day 

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  1. Hi mr Sapia,
    That looked like so much fun for the kids! And you too!
    I wish I had a teacher like that when I was young these kids are so lucky :)

  2. Hi Mr. Sapia, thank you for everything that you do. My son said to me the other day: “Mom, I love school !!!” Thank you for that.

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