Making Inferences

Today we worked on making inferences using short passages. To INFER, students have to “read between the lines.” Students must use their background knowledge, plus what they are observing, and then make their inference. Kids are naturally good observers but do not always pay close attention to detail. Therefore, inferring takes practice.

I dressed up as “Detective Read Aloud” and led students around the grade 5 wing to work in collaborative groups as “Detectives in training.” The goal was to read short passages and infer what the author was trying to say. I followed that activity by reading “I Want my Hat Back.” Students had to infer what happened to the rabbit at the end using their schema and text clues. It was an incredible activity for the students.

Detective Read Aloud watching students infer. #tlap #elachat #sprpride #rippib #titletalk

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