Civil War Kickoff!

Today we started our Civil War introductory lesson.  Here is the general gist of the lesson.

What is your favorite thing to do or what is the most important thing to you? I had students type their responses on Today’s Meet.  Then I told students to consider no longer being able to do the things they like the most or what was most important to them.  Using Today’s Meet, students wrote how losing things makes them feel.  We discussed what it might be like to never have the opportunity to do a favorite activity again- or how their lives may be different if they lost what was important to them.  We learned about a time when some people felt they were losing their way of life, while others who never had the opportunity to experience certain things were able to for the first time.

Here are the transcripts to the Today’s Meet conversation.  Please continue the conversation at home.

Mr. Sapia’s Homeroom

Mrs. Racioppa’s Homeroom

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