How to Write a Fictional Summary

Today my scholars learned all about fictional summarizing. I used the anchor chart below. I re-read “What do you do with an Idea” and modeled how to write a fictional summary. It’s imperative that students really only write about the main characters, problem that gets the story going, main events, how the problem is solved (resolution), and how the story ended. Generally speaking, it’s important to real just highlight the major plot lines when discussing the main events.

Here is a sample summary from “What To Do With an Idea.”

The main character in the story is a little boy. The little boy wanted to share an idea. But he was initially too scared
and not confident enough to share it and many people told the boy his idea was no good, it was wierd,and a waste of time.
So the little boy solved his problem by gaining more and more confidence that his idea was worth pursuing. Then his idea began to flourish and it made him feel alive. The boy realized that an idea can change the world.


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