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  1. Hi Mr.Sapia what nice photos.Wow we have all our precious memories.Even our Skype with Mr.Blumengarten!!!! I never even saw you taking those photos!!! ahhhhhhhhhh……. Memories

  2. Nice photos Mr. Sapia! My son is having a lot of fun and every time he comes home, Brian said he learned something new and explains it. You are doing a very good job in every subject!
    Your website is very helpful for us . Thank you and have a nice day!
    Brian’s mom

  3. Dear Ana,
    Thanks for taking the time to utilize the website and comment. I really appreciate it and I’m elated you’re finding it helpful. Have a great weekend!

    Mr. Sapia

  4. Hi, Just wanted to know what time you and your classroom will be Christmas caroling? I will try to be there if I can. If I can’t can ask you askthe 5th grade teachers to hand over their photo’ s and give them to Nicholas by the end of the day. Thanks, Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014!

  5. What great pictures! Thanks for communicating so well with the parents. I always feel like I know what my son is learning about, and what transpires in the classroom!

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