Save the Dates! WAIVER!!!!

Please save the following important #Ripp5 dates!


  • Metropolitan Museum of Art – Thursday, May 21st
  • Neuberger Museum in Purchase NY -Thursday, June 4 – Lunch is provided!
  • “Moving Up” Ceremony – Monday, June 15th – 9 am
  • Adventure Park Field Trip – Tuesday, June 16th – TIME TO BE DETERMINED – $40 child

    Permission slips for the Adventure Park field trip will be sent home as soon as possible. Please be advised that you are required to fill out a waiver for your child in order for him/her to participate on the courses.  If the waiver is NOT submitted, your child cannot participate at the park. Please use the link below, as the waiver is only available digitally on the Adventure Park website.Adventure Park Waiver

    Furthermore, as a way to monitor who has electronically submitted their waiver to the adventure park on our end, please complete the google form below AFTER you submit the waiver on their website.  It will only take an additional minute.  This way, Alana and I have our own system to keep track of who has submitted the waiver.  Thanks for your consideration and let us know if you have any questions.

    Finally, this final field trip is a privilege, which can be revoked at the discretion of the teachers, if students do not exhibit specific behavioral expectations for the remainder of the year.

    #Ripp5 Waiver Information



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