OPIN Details!

Dear Awesome and Generous Parents,

Thank you for offering to drive the kids to the animal shelter next Wednesday the 21st at 2:00. Here is what we need to make it happen. Since this is not a Rippowam sponsored event, we need to iron out the details asap.
First, if you are driving students other than your own, then those students need a note from their parents giving them permission to ride in your car. We can not allow any students to ride in cars without a note. Also, we need all kids to have a method for getting home. If you have the time and you wouldn’t mind driving the students in your car home, that is great. If not you can tell those kid’s parents that you will be driving them back to Rippowam and they can pickup their child there. Either way, please make sure each kid in your car knows how they are getting home and includes that in their note. Ideally we need these notes by Friday.

Please let us know if you have any questions ASAP.

-Racioppa & Sapia

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