Non Fiction Big Question #3

In my persistent journey to be up to date with the newest educational research, I’ve learned about Kylene Beers and Bob Probst. They are the foremost educational researchers when dealing with fictional text and informational text. Because of my reading, I have learned about the three big questions when reading non fiction, as well as non fiction signposts.

Big Question #3

1) What challenged, changed, or confirmed what I already know?

* At first I thought…but…
* I had to rethink…
* My understanding changed when…
* I was right/wrong…

When reading NF, it’s ok to have our thoughts confirmed after reading a passage or changing our mind. We are ALLOWED to turn our thinking around because of new information. We can change our thinking by

* confirm what we already thought
* modify our thinking
* change our minds completely.

Here is a helpful video below, especially the first two minutes.

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