New Global Read Aloud Project

As you know my Humanities class is currently reading “One for the Murphys” for the Global Read Aloud. There is a specific chapter with a teacher named Mr. Ruben and he assigns his class a group project about someone who changed the world for the better. I’ve decided to take this idea and run with it and turn it into a class project. Students have chosen to either work independently or in a group with another person. They also had the choice to chose the person they wanted to research. I taught them how to use the “backpack” feature in Edmodo, which is cloud based, so any links they save at school will appear at home when they log into their Edmodo accounts. The written piece of this project should be no longer than two pages. This project is due on Friday, October 31st.

Please click the Google Doc below for further instructions.

Global Read Aloud Project

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for supporting your child at home.

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