Help Needed! Redesigning Learning Spaces

I am brainstorming ways to make my classroom more student centered and engaging. I have been reading many articles about the benefits of standing desks for students. I am reaching out to you all in case you know someone who works in corporate America and/or familiar with local tag sales or anyone selling furniture. I’d love to get in contact with them regarding acquiring some pieces. Here is a sample picture of a type of desk that I am looking for. I am open to many more styles, but this photo provides a good place to start


My goal is to get at least two standing desks where two students can work at each desk. I am also looking to acquire another love seat for my classroom as well. Thanks in advance and have a great day!

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  1. Mr . Sapia…

    I have a client who has a love seat that she is willing to donate to your classroom. One catch….it is in Long Island NY…..We would just need to get it here. If you are interested in doing this, I can get you a picture of it over the weekend to make sure it is what you want…to take the trip ….Let me know…

    Thanks so much!!
    Robin Hartnett

  2. Neither my husband nor I are very crafty but I’ll bet that someone who is can build something like what is shown in that picture without too much trouble or cost. If someone knows what they are doing and can instruct, I’m glad to be a worker-bee on the assembly. I have used a standing work station for the past 8 months and I love it.

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