NYC Bound! Grand Central Station

The #Ripp5 family will be taking a trip to Grand Central Station in New York City on May 17th. The trip will include the folllowing tour;

Main Concourse
Vanderbilt Hall
Whispering Gallery
Glass Catwalks

We will be taking the 9:23 train out of Stamford, arriving at Grand Central at 10:15. We will be taking the 12:34 back to Stamford. The return train arrives at the Stamford station at 1:20. This will give us plenty of time to return to school for dismissal. The cost of the trip is $10 dollars. A city bus will be transporting the students back and forth to school. Each group will have 45 minutes for the tour. While one group is on the tour, the other group will eat lunch in a specified location.

Parents, we do need your help. We are looking for 12 chaperons to accompany us on the trip. You’d be responsible for paying for your train fare, which will be about $15 dollars. You would also need to drive to the train station because the bus can only fit 55 people. If you are interested, please email Alana and me. This is a first come, first serve for chaperons.


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