Non Fiction eBook “Live Stream” Presentations

Aloha Parents,

The non fiction eBooks have been submitted and I am incredibly proud of the hard work each and every student exhibited during the creation of the book. Although these books were finalized digitally, there were also many low tech and high tech skills that were incorporated that will benefit them as they move forward in their middle school careers. They researched, took notes using the three column system, collaborated, peer edited, synthesized information from multiple sources, improved their reading, writing, and grammar, and speaking and listening goals, to name a few.

In the spirit of flattening my classroom walls, I decided to broadcast each presentation using the app “Live Stream.” What I am going to do is create a live feed link during the morning of the presentations so you can view it on a desktop, laptop, or smart device. I’ve also created links to download the app via the Apple Store and Google Play store.

Google Play Store

App Store

This is a really great opportunity to work on presentation skills with your child at home. I will return each eBook on Wednesday, January 27th, via Google Classroom, so your child can utilize it to practice. Final grades will be given after their presentations and self assessments using Google Forms. Please keep in mind that the Live Stream link may vary from day to day, but I will post them on Remind and my classroom website each morning. Please be advised you need to create an account login to use Live Stream!!!

For your convenience I’ve created a schedule below. Barring any technical difficulties or changes in the school schedule, these are the best times for my scholars. As always, let me know if you have any questions.

eBook Presentation Time Link

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