eBook Grades – Students Have a Voice!

Hi #Ripp5 Families,

As you are all well aware we are in the middle of our non fiction eBook presentations this week. I am beyond proud of all my students hard work, dedication, and focus during these process. I can’t wait to end the week on a strong note with the remainder of the presentations. I just wanted to let you all know that I am assessing your child’s presentation using Google forms while they are presenting in real time. I will share this feedback with your child.

With that being said, and in the spirit of student voice, I have decided to create a persuasive component because we are currently in our persuasive/opinion literacy unit. Your child and I are going to collaborate in the grading process for this project. Yes, that’s right! Your child is going to have a say in their final grade for this project!

My goal is to create honest and reflective thinkers. After the presentations conclude this Friday, I am going to have your child re-watch their presentation to assess not only their project, but their presentations as well. I am going to create a Google form with a set of mutually agreed upon expectations. The students will be scored on;

– Non Fiction Text Features (labels, maps, photographs, captions, table of contents, glossary, illustrations, etc)
– Grammar, Capitalization, and Sentence Fluency
– Paraphrasing
– Slide Organization – Opening sentence with main idea of section, three supporting details, and closing sentence.
– Presentation Skills – Standing up Straight, clear speaking voice, engaging the audience, responses to questions
– Overall Grade – 4, 3, 2, 1 and they must explain why they assessed themselves

This activity clearly and thoughtfully aligns to our persuasive unit. My hope is that it deepens their understanding of persuasion and using evidence to support themselves. This will also be a great extension activity and taught fully in context.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for being awesome.

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