Dear Students…

Dear Students,

Hi! My name is Mr. Sapia and I will be your fourth grade teacher this year.  I know we have not met yet, but I have been waiting all summer to write you this letter.

I have been thinking long and hard this summer about you all as a group.  It’s with great excitement that I  will be meeting you all in the upcoming weeks! I’ve had a few thoughts as the school year approaches.

  • I’ve thought about engaging you
  • I’ve thought about how I’m going to challenge you
  • I’ve thought about how to embrace our differences
  • I’ve thought about how to address areas where you can be more successful
  • I’ve thought about the wonderful books I am going to read aloud to you
  • I’ve thought about how we can connect with others around the world
  • I’ve thought about getting to know your interests, like, and dislikes
  • I’ve thought about your strengths
  • I am going to do my best everyday to make sure I meet your needs in anyway possible.
  • And this is just the beginning…

Please know before you walk though my door on the first day of school, that I value you as a vital member of my classroom and respect your hard work and dedication.  I can’t wait to learn with you, learn FROM you, and see how you are going to make a lasting impact in fourth grade.  YOU MATTER!

Mr. Sapia

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