Rules and Expectations

Dear Sixth Grade Parents and Students,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer vacation and are now ready to begin a very educational and exciting year. To achieve success, we must work together. Parents, students and teachers, as a TEAM. In order for this to happen, I would like to inform you about some of my rules and expectations.

Homework will be assigned periodically during the week. Please encourage your child to do it and bring it in on time each day. If you child is having trouble completing an assignment or he/she requires assistance, please initial the paper and jot down the problem area. While I encourage you to work with your child nightly on their homework, it’s a good idea to let them attempt to complete it independently first and then review it together. If their frustration level rises and they are having difficulty with a task, feel free to assist them. Additionally, always have your child explain their homework to ensure they understand the concept or skill.

NOTE: There may be times when I don’t assign homework. I call those nights “Letting a kid be a kid.” I will not take away from your family time with countless homework assignments. It’s against my educational beliefs. Being a new parent I know how precious this time is. Rest assured, while your child is at school, they will be pushed and challenged day in and day out to reach their fullest potential.

Technology integration is an integral part of how my classroom operates. I can assure you that all the websites that are utilized are secure, private, and designed for educators by educators. More information will be upcoming as to the specific sites being used.

All students are responsible for writing down homework. Homework is listed daily on the whiteboard. Students are required to copy down the assignment. This encourages your child to be responsible and augments organizational skills.

All students are required to have a note explaining any absence or reason for tardiness upon their return. Missed assignments are to be made up as soon as possible. If you would like assignments for your child during the absense, please notify the office by phone, in the morning, so I will be able to prepare the work by dismissal that day.

Rules vary from classroom to classroom. My students are expected to be polite and considerate to all classmates and adults. Other rules that must be adhered to are following directions the first time given, accepting others and their differences, and keeping your hands and feet to yourself. Rippowam Middle School has also adopted a Positive Behavioral Support System. Failure to follow these rules will result in a loss of privileges and/or contact with the home. I will expect and appreciate your support and help to implement these rules. I will also contact home for positive reasons and any improvements your child will make!

Parents will be notified of all special events, activities, and/or projects in a timely manner VIA this website and Remind. If you do not have access to a computer, I would be more than happy to send home paper files.

The time allotted for recess is regulated by the State of Connecticut. Time allocation guidelines permit recess for twenty minutes a day, five days a week.

Candy and gum are not allowed in school. However, special occasions will be celebrated in traditional ways. Please inform me of any allergies to food.

Please read and discuss this letter with your child and save this letter as a reference.

My best wishes for an exciting, educational, and enriching sixth grade year!

2 responses

  1. Dear Mr. Sapia,
    My Mom and I just read your letter about the class rules and I will follow all of the rules givin.
    Thank you for writing this letter.
    Your student,
    Kevin Connelly

  2. Today i will come in class and follow all of those rules even though I am a new student to your class.

    Your student,
    Kevin Connelly

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