Reflective Entry

Yesterday we learned about writing Reflective Entries in Reader’s Workshop. Students were presented with strategies they can use when reading a text for accuracy and comprehension. Feel free to review this chart at home to reinforce current learning at school.

Example Strategies for Accuracy: (I Can Read the Words)

Use the Picture
Chunk parts you know together
Use beginning and ending sounds
Use known words to work out other words
Skip the word and come back
Stretch the word out. Blend the sounds together

Example Strategies for Comprehension: (I Understand What I Read)

Asking questions before, during, and after reading
Back up and reread
Make a picture of mental image (visualizing)
Check for understanding by asking if what you’re reading makes sense.

Quick Reminder

Please keep in mind that I used this classroom website last year with my exiting students and families. There are many posts from last year that are not relevant to the 2012-2013 school year. Essentially, the first new post of the new school year was the Back to School Newsletter. Please let me know if […]

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